We believe that toilets made by Toto are some of the best performing. There seems to be a consensus across the plumbing industry that this is true too, with numerous resources online showing they would prefer to install a Toto over other market leaders such as Gerber, American Standard, or Kohler.

But what is the reasoning behind this? Why does this brand stand out from the crowd? We’re going to be looking at individual toilet collections and analyze the way they are built from the inside out.

Toto Aquia

The first on our list is a dual flushing toilet from the Aquia range. This collection has received plenty of positive feedback around the web, with the majority of sources showing 4 out of 5 stars of higher. This is a clear indication of the product quality and reliability.

I myself have first hand experience of using it, having installed it in my own home and for several clients. The flushing performance is top of the line and it’s unlikely that you’ll be finding yourself with a clogged toilet anytime soon.

It also utilizes less water than single flush systems. A partial 0.9 gallon flush and a stronger 1.6 GPF shows its ability to work well in different scenarios. Less water for liquids and more for solids. Over the years this can significantly effect your utility bills, and in some cases may allow you to apply for a tax rebate.

So the functionality meets our standards. The installation process is fairly simple. But what about visually? What can you expect? In our opinion this is up there with some of the most beautiful designs on the market. If you’ve got a modern bathroom, this will fit right in. It’s skirted and one piece, creating a seamless, smooth exterior that looks amazing.

Toto Drake

The Drake is highly reliable and functional with plenty of specifications that fit what most of you will be looking for in a residential toilet. In our view, it is lacking in the aesthetics department, but it more than makes up for this by being affordable and effective.

It’s also comfort height ensuring everyone is able to sit and stand without putting too much stress on their bones and joints. The idea behind this type of design is to make them compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

And while it’s not dual flush, it does consume very little water, with a flow rate of 1.28 gallons.